I will have our President’s back in Congress.


We must make a national commitment to strengthening our schools, fully funding special education, and supporting Head Start and Common Core.  I will never vote to provide taxpayer money for private school vouchers.


I will work with Democratic Leadership to ensure that all Americans have a chance to share in the American dream. 


You can count on me to always be accessible to hear your concerns.


I believe that government must provide opportunities for everyone to succeed through creating better jobs and ensuring fair wages.    


Long before President Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, I was fighting in the courts to ensure fair pay and equal treatment for everyone in the workplace.


I will fight any attempt to gut Medicare and Social Security.  We must honor our commitment to senior citizens.


I want to work with President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to move our country forward.


I believe in building the economy through creating a robust middle class not by giving breaks to a privileged few.


Honest work deserves fair pay.  I support increasing the minimum wage.


Fully implementing Obamacare is a top priority for me.


I have made my career by helping people

Now more than ever, North Carolina needs a representative in Washington who will help move our country forward.  I have spent my legal career helping others and standing up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves.  It would be my honor to represent you in Congress.

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Hottest Ad on Radio

OsborgeCircleStar.pngThis is an exciting time for the campaign. We debuted a brand new radio ad in the last few days, and many of you have told me how much you have enjoyed hearing it.

Here's the thing. We need your donations to keep this ad on the air until Primary Day (May 6).

In addition, one of my opponents recently announced that he has dropped out of the race.  This has added to the volatility of this election.     

We need to move quickly to secure as many votes as we can, and we can't do it without your help

Thank you for your support.

Democratically yours,



Wide Open Race


This race is still up in the air as we head into the final four weeks.  Our latest polling data shows that the largest number of voters are still undecided about which candidate they will support in the May 6 Democratic Primary here in the NC-12 congressional district. 

With seven candidates in the race and so many people still uncommitted we know that we have to fight to stand out from the field.  But Curtis Osborne does not shy away from a fight.  

Curtis is a fighter plain and simple.  He has fought racial and gender discrimination while representing people in our courts, and he will fight against extremist Tea-Party Republican attempts to limit the rights of the working class and African-Americans to vote.  Curtis is giving his all to this campaign and he needs your help. 

Please take a few moments and make a contribution to our campaign.  Polling reveals that our message packs a punch and moves undecided voters into our camp.  We need your donation today!       

Democratically yours,

Team Osborne 


Talking the Issues


I enjoyed talking about the issues facing the 12th District of North Carolina because I feel this is where I separate myself from the other candidates. We talked about education extensively, which is a core issue of my campaign. We touched on several issues, and I was able to express my feelings that the government should never use tax payer's dollars to fund private education through vouchers or any other means. You can read more about last night's event here: http://bit.ly/1kxuRN4

I look forward to more conversations, so that I can show the people of the 12th District that I have the ideas to move us forward. 


More Momentum

OsborgeCircleStar.pngThis campaign is building momentum and people are taking notice.

The Charlotte Observer recently ran an article touting Curtis' rise from growing up in public housing to becoming a successful attorney fighting for people's rights, including cases where he has helped his clients stand against racial and gender discrimination. Here is the article: http://bit.ly/1lyyUN3    

In addition to that, the Greensboro News & Record covered a candidate forum in which Curtis stood out as the clear alternative to career politicians. 

The Democratic Primary will take place on May 6th.  Early voting is open from April 24th to May 3rd and March 31st was last day of the first reporting quarter of 2014, so every contribution counts.  Please take just a few moments and make a donation to help us keep this momentum going.  

This is an exciting time but we need your help to close the deal.  Please donate today.  

Democratically yours,

Team Osborne


Supporters in Jackson, MS

MS.jpgIn late March, I was thrilled to be joined at a gathering of friends in the legal field and others who wanted to express their support of my campaign.